Photo courtesy of Paul Oberle

When we asked Jay to be our emcee for the 2011 Got Heart, Give Hope Gala, we knew he was the man for the job.  Anyone who has heard him speak can attest to the power of his words, voice and emotions.  What I did not know was how amazing he would be as our Gala’s auctioneer.  He did more than just lead the auction–he owned that stage!  I guess this proves that if you can lead on the battlefield, you can lead anywhere else too.

I love this photo of Jay as he takes command of everyone is the room.  Jay is also the founder and executive director of Wounded Wear, a nonprofit that provides clothing and clothing modifications for wounded service members. 

Jay has also recently taped a public service announcement for Hope For The Warriors®.  Here is a small thank you clip that was also filmed that day.