Photo provided courtesy of Paul Oberle.

The smile on both of their faces tells the story.  This photo was taken along a country road in the middle of New Jersey.  The veteran had just received this donated handcycle and was going on his first ride as Jenlene, our Team Hope For The Warriors® Director ran along.  These handcycles can go extremely fast and so this athlete was being kind–going slow enough for someone to run alongside him.  He has now returned with his young family and the handcycle to his upstate New York home where there are many miles of country road for him to reach top speeds. 

I am a firm believer that if everyone exercised, everyone would be happier and the world would be a better place.  I offer their expressions as evidence of this belief.

In 2011, Hope For The Warriors® facilitated the donation of 23 pieces of adaptive equipment to our service members at a cost of more than $65,000.  Donations came from:  Deer Park Lions Club, FDNY VFW,  Ground Zero Independence Ride, Haskell Family of Long Island, Jordan’s Initiative, Siller Foundation, Tee It Up For The Troops,  Yorktown Heights Community, Zilinski Memorial Fund and directly from our organization.