When we reflect on the events of 9/11, so often we focus on the people who worked in those buildings and their families.  Within our organization, we reflect on the impact of 9/11 on our military men and women.  However, how many people think about the workers who had to clean up after this tragedy and rebuild?

The Ground Zero Independence Ride was created in 2002 as a means of healing for the many workers who were tasked with clearing debris left from 9/11.  The ride is planned and organized with the support of unions throughout the New York metropolitan area.

In keeping with the goals for this ride, funds raised are always donated to nonprofits that focus on strengthening families.  Hope For The Warriors® has been proud to be involved with this event for the last two years.

In this photo, you see the start of the Ground Zero Independence Ride.  You can also see in the background the construction equipment that is being used to rebuild the area.  This photo has more “clutter” in it than many of the other photos that I have posted and that is precisely why I love it.  Although the area around Ground Zero is busy and congested, the absence of the towers has left a hole in the city.  Many of the people you see on these motorcycles are the men responsible for rebuilding the towers.  With this ride, they also intend to mend families.