George W. Bush at the Warrior Open

This photo is not the best quality but I love the moment it captured.  This October, Hope For The Warriors® was invited to the Warrior Open, a golf tournament for wounded warriors, hosted by former President George W. Bush.  We were one of only four nonprofit organizations highlighted at this event.  It was amazing!

There were several service members competing in this event that we have worked with in the past including the young man to the right of Bush.  That is Nick Bradley and he has attended two golfing events with Hope For The Warriors®.

And why does Nick have that half-amused, half-surprised look on his face?  In this photo, you see Bush with the two warriors who are about to tee-off.  There are thousands of people watching, news camera, reporters, secret service and more.  None of this stopped Robin, Peggy and myself from yelling out to Nick, “Get closer to the president, we’re taking your picture!”  Then we got the other warrior’s attention.  And oh yeah, Bush’s attention too.  And we actually made them stop and look our way, so that we could get a photo of our Nick, next to the president.

He was embarrassed at the time but someday, he will thank us!