Tactical 16 authors Chris HernandezJustin JordanRobert Lewis, and David Peters join Patti Katter, Amanda Flener and Gordie Harris from Hope For The Warriors to discuss the therapeutic aspects of sharing your voice and stories after combat. 
Tactical 16 is a Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Company, who support the Military, Police, Fire, and EMT communities and are honored to hear and help them tell their stories.

The founder, Erik Shaw, had the idea to form a company that would give Veterans a bigger stage to have their voice heard and to create a network of trusted companies and organizations that work with Veterans, teaching them how to write and publish books, from the time they ask for help to the time the say they are good to go.

Tactical 16 wants Veterans to be heard and wants to preserve their individual legacies as we hope they can get some relief from the battles with PTSD, TBI and other service related injuries. The Tactical 16 Publishing division specializes in assisting anyone suffering from PTSD or other Combat related injuries. For more information on Tactical 16, please visit their website at www.Tactical16.com.

Hope For The Warriors® Clinical Supportive Services program is designed to provide short-term counseling to augment other treatment, or provide interim support between treatment providers. Hope For The Warriors® provides supportive sessions via telephone, video conferencing, and in-person sessions.
Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide 1:1 supportive clinical services to service members, veterans, and family members. In some instances, a veteran or family member is not able to obtain treatment within their community or is hesitant to seek services from the VA or other sources of mental health care available locally. Our clinical team is able to provide short term stop-gap supportive services with a goal of engaging the veteran or family in seeking local treatment services.

It is important for us to encourage and ensure the service members, veterans, and family members are accessing the local mental health care that is available to them, especially when they are experiencing crisis situations. We can offer short term supportive counseling and empathetic listening while encouraging them to access more intense treatment/therapy.

To listen to the recording of Tactical 16: Writing Their Way Home From War, CLICK HERE.