If you are on Facebook, you have seen the daily posts this month –“Today I am thankful for…” etc.  I have not participated in this, however, today I will share one.

My brother-in-law Andrew reached out to me this morning and to Hope For The Warriors®.  A close friend’s son was severely wounded overseas and has just been sent to one of the medical centers in the Washington, D.C. area.  Andrew reached out to me personally, hoping that we would be able to help this family.

At this point, this family is in so much pain emotionally, I am sure that they do not fully understand what their needs will be.  I quickly e-mailed several staff members in our northern Virginia office.  These staff members regularly visit the medical centers and this family is now on their list of people to visit on their next visit.

On my own, I can pray for this Marine and his family.  But today, I am thankful that I have an entire organization to call when our military families need help. 

I cannot protect our young service members from these tragic events.  However, when something does occur, I do not have to feel helpless.  I know who I can turn to and get help for this military family.  If you are reading this, then you do not need to feel helpless either.  To learn more about how we support military families, visit the Hope For The Warriors® website.