It was a day that transformed Catherine Bane’s life forever.

The Army veteran, military spouse and mother of three had completed a 5K race hosted by Hope For The Warriors and was feeling accomplished and full of hope. Those feelings came with many other emotions for someone who had experience sexual trauma during her time in service to our country.

That night, after I put the children to bed, and still on my runner’s high, I went to the Hope For The Warriors website. Until that moment, I had not truly started my healing journey. 

Times in the past when I felt ready, I just could not find the resources I needed. Everything seemed to be for those who had just recently been assaulted. 

As a wife of a Marine and a mother of two little ones I struggled to speak up and make the time. But I reached out to HOPE that night. I confidently wrote the e-mail and hit send. Moments after, regret filled me. The fear of what someone would say or not say hit me hard, and I wanted to take it back immediately. 

Little did I know that the journey I was about to begin would change my family’s lives. HOPE responded immediately and that response is what led my family and me to where we are today.

Catherine’s story is a testament to our commitment to investing in individualized care for each warrior we serve. This individualized approach is important to us because each warrior’s needs and experiences are different. Each person’s journey with HOPE begins within 48 hours after contacting us. That leap of courage is met with an intakes process like no other. That’s when the individualized care begins.

Our four full-time intakes coordinators are often the first glimpse of HOPE a person sees. They spend an average of one hour getting to know each warrior. During the intakes process, coordinators interview the individuals seeking help, refer them to our programs and/or research additional resources outside of Hope For The Warriors to offer the utmost holistic support. 

In 2020, Hope For The Warriors intakes team invested 3,169 hours understanding the needs of 3,151 warriors and military family members.

That is what individualized care looks like… and that’s just the beginning of a warrior’s relationship with HOPE.

You can keep HOPE alive for warriors like Catherine Bane by supporting the entire journey. A journey of individualized care with life-transforming results.

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