Four-year Marine veteran Leonard Vigil and daughter, Lydia, with their new high-speed computer.

MODESTO, Calif. (June 30, 2022) – Spending quality time with his two children, Lydia and Luke, creating 3D animation, music and more on the family’s computer is important to U.S. Marine veteran Leonard Vigil. Now, thanks to Hope For The Warriors and its Warrior’s Wish program, the trio can work together more efficiently and expand their abilities, on a new high-powered computer.

The Warrior’s Wish program fulfills a desire for a better quality-of-life beyond recovery or supports a quest for life-gratifying endeavors for those who have sustained severe physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

The Vigil family’s Warrior’s Wish included a HP-Envy all-in-one 32-a 1050 computer valued at over $3,100.

Fourteen-year-old Lydia is a rising high school freshman, a straight A student with a love for Karate, Jujitsu, guitar and writing. The aspiring author started her first book last August and is looking to bring it to life with animation with the use of the new computer alongside her dad.

Luke, his 12-year-old son, is a rising seventh grader and also has a passion for music as a violin player and is looking forward to creating music and animation on the new computer.

“We are hoping to be more efficient to create music, animation,” Vigil said of how he and his kids plan on utilizing the computer. “It takes a while to learn and use these programs but this computer is pretty fast and big so we all can sit together to work on things.”

“Our smaller computer lags, but this one runs so smoothly,” shared Lydia.

The family looks forward to creating fun and educational content they can share with others.

“We’re really thankful. Hope For The Warriors has been there for us and helped us do something together as a family … to create together,” said Vigil.

Vigil joined the U.S. Marines in 2001 at 19. After one week as an enlisted Marine at Camp Pendleton, 9/11 happened. His unit’s first assignment was Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to be on standby to deploy to stateside landmarks like Disneyland or Magic Mountain in California.

After three years serving stateside, Vigil and his unit were deployed to Iraq as a mobile assault platoon. During his 10-month deployment his platoon sustained weekly attacks that included 11 roadside bombs and one vehicle bomb. In July of 2004, his vehicle was hit by two roadside bombs wounding all 10 Marines inside, including himself, and resulting in the death of his Sergeant. The many incidents left Vigil with a traumatic brain injury.

Before separating from the Marines after four years of service, he met his wife, Jasmine.

“My wife played a very vital role of keeping our family together,” said Vigil.

After transitioning from the Marines, Vigil finished his bachelor’s degree in child development and his masters in human/social services. Today, Vigil is currently looking for a position in social services.

“We love how the Vigil’s Warrior’s Wish is helping his family spend quality time together,” said Robin Kelleher, co-founder and CEO of Hope For The Warriors. “Time with family is precious, and it’s inspiring to see the Vigil family looking to expand their knowledge and build creative projects together, with this high-powered computer and programs.”

Since 2006, Hope For The Warriors has provided over $1 million in grants, assisting with 226 wishes.

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About Hope For The Warriors: Founded in 2006, Hope For The Warriors is a national nonprofit dedicated to restoring a sense of self, family and hope for post-9/11 veterans, service members and military families. Since its inception, Hope For The Warriors has served over 40,000 through a variety of support programs focused on health and wellness, sports and recreation and transition. One of the nonprofit’s first programs, Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships, has awarded 183 scholarships to caregivers and families of the fallen. For more information, visit hopeforthewarriors.orgFacebookTwitter or Instagram.