Transitioning out of the military can be both challenging and stressful for many veterans and their families. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, about half of post-9/11 veterans say it is somewhat (32%) or very (16%) difficult to adjust to civilian life after their time in the service. That number is even higher for those who suffer from PTSD and other emotionally traumatic experiences, with 66% stating the transition was difficult. 


One of the first elements transitioning service members and their families think about is finding a job. While the military provides useful skills and training needed for a job after service, navigating a drastic career change is often overwhelming. On average, only one-in-four veterans have a job lined up directly when they transition out of the military. While many of these veterans tend to find jobs within the first six months of starting their search, 37% say that it took over six months, and 6% say they could not find one at all. This can be extremely concerning for those transitioning, especially when they need to support their family.


One of HOPE’s many programs and services that assists the military community in transition is Warrior’s Compass. Catering to service members, veterans, and military spouses, Warrior’s Compass helps these individuals find civilian jobs that match their current skills. The program also provides support in job training, resume writing, mentorship, and exclusive access to over 1,500 companies that actively seek to hire veterans. 


What is unique about Warrior’s Compass is that employers also benefit from this program by helping them to identify veterans that best match their job descriptions. They also receive access to over 200,000 veteran applicants and can promote and post their jobs directly through the program! 


One of our recent Warrior’s Compass success stories is Angelina Woodruff, a 12-year United State Navy veteran who reconnected with HOPE seeking career guidance in September 2021. She was introduced to Brian Papakie, one of the career coaches at HOPE, and together they hit the ground running.


“Brian made himself available to assist me in any way he could,” said Angelina. “As a result of working with him, I was able to readily take advantage of exploring job prospects, professional tutoring, and mentorship programs. He would, and still, sends me a plethora of viable job vacancies via email. Brian was not just my career coach or even just a fellow veteran; he was more like a reliable and trustworthy friend.”


In January 2022, Angelina graduated from her medical billing and coding training program. She relocated from New York to South Jersey to start the next chapter in both her career and her life. We are proud of Angelina for all the work she put in for her future and feel honored to have been a part of that process! 


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