A Passion for Purpose: Meet HOPE’s May
Volunteer of the Month, Roseann Santini

Hundreds of military spouses and caregivers submit essays intending to earn one of HOPE’s scholarships every semester. Roseann Santini is one of the handful of HOPE volunteers on the receiving end of those applications. “Sometimes you have to stop and reread them,” she says, shaking her head. “Wow, did I just read that?” Each applicant has a unique story, and Roseann’s job is to help rate them and streamline the process. “When I read these [anonymous] stories, I can’t believe what people survive and where they are now. I can never imagine being that strong.” It’s an honor for Roseann to be a part of an organization that helps the military community. “That’s just as gratifying as [helping with] resumes and career counseling,” she says

Passionate is the word that describes Roseann best: giving back to the military community has been her passion for decades. When she says “resumes and career counseling,” she’s talking about the dozens of service members she has helped transition to civilian life. Her experience is one of many reasons she is an asset to the HOPE family, according to HOPE Career Transition Manager/Scholarship Program Manager Kristy Warren. “She has been such a supportive and active committee member. Beyond the scholarships, she has supported many clients with her expertise in federal resume writing and the hiring process.” 

Roseann has always gravitated towards the military community, working at the Philadelphia Navy Yard for nearly four decades, working with veterans who want to return to school at a community college in Maryland, and currently as an advisor for the Veterans Upward Bound Program. She wanted to do more, and that’s how she found HOPE. “You get a lot out of it, and you’re paying it forward to someone who needs help,” she says. 

She puts a face to the phrase “going the extra mile.” Before HOPE, she helped veterans in Broward County, Florida. One was an Air Force veteran and a double Purple Heart recipient. He had an impressive six pages long resume, but the only job he could get involved transporting prisoners from prison to prison at night. The late hours caused a strain on his family and his marriage. Roseann would speak with him before the sun rose when he returned to his hotel room, helping him whittle down his resume and search for jobs that fit his experience level. When he found one in his field, he was able to get his personal life back on track. “That’s one that was very gratifying to me,” she says. 

Another example was a female veteran with a master’s degree in environmental engineering, working as a bank teller. She couldn’t afford rent; her car had broken down, and she even talked about suicide. “I felt really bad for her, so I made sure that I talked to her a lot and tried to work extra hard to get her something.”

Roseann pleaded with a summer camp non-profit director to give this veteran a chance. “I feel like it’s our responsibility as humans to help her,” she said in that phone call. Soon after, the veteran got a call of her own that she got the job. Once again, Roseann changed someone’s life by going the extra mile.  

Care like that goes a long way and doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why Kristy nominated Roseann as HOPE’s volunteer of the month for May. “[I nominated her because of] her passion for supporting the military community, her willingness to share her time and talents, and she’s just always willing to help!” Kristy says. Roseann was honored when she found out about the news. “I would do anything to support the cause. It was really unnecessary to be singled out like that, but it was very nice,” she says. “This [role] gives me more than I’m contributing. It’s so meaningful to me. I should be thanking them because it’s brought so much to my life.” 


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