It is our honor to highlight Thomas McIntire as Hope For The Warriors May 2021 Volunteer of the Month!   

Since September of 2020, Thomas McIntire has been pivotal in developing and implementing one of HOPE’s newest programs, Dungeons and Dragons, that kicked off in 2020.   

Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop role-playing game, isn’t about winning or losing but about creating an experience of epic adventures with friends. McIntire helps HOPE’s MSW case manager, Augustine Monroe, who nominated him as the HOPE Volunteer of the Month, facilitate the game on a bi-weekly basis, with each game being roughly three hours long.   

A participant of the program shares, “McIntire’s work has provided an incredible space for me to safety meet up with other veterans during a global pandemic. The space is unique for not only fostering community at a time where many (myself included) feel isolated but serves as a creative outlet I had not experienced within the service. His dedication to crafting a world we can escape to and his innate ability to draw our collected imaginations together should not go by unrecognized.”  

McIntire, a manager of the Dealer Supply Office for Trane Supply in Nashville, TN, has never served in the military. His desire to share his talents and support our warrior community is rooted in the service of his family members: his grandfather was a UH-1 “Huey” pilot in Vietnam, his step-father flew B-52’s in the Air Force, and his brother currently serves as an infantry officer in the Army National Guard.   

Join us in thanking Thomas McIntire for sharing his time, talent and treasure with our warrior community!   

If you are a veteran interested in joining HOPE’s Dungeons and Dragons program, apply for services at