World’s Finest Chocolate has been a trusted partner of Hope For The Warriors since 2013. Through their Chocolate for a Cause program, World’s Finest Chocolate’s donations have had a direct impact on the post-9/11 warrior community that HOPE’s programs serve. For the last two years, Emily Topp, Retail Sales Manager, has been our primary point of contact at World’s Finest, and her positivity, creativity and commitment to HOPE’s mission have made Emily a valuable member of our HOPE family. At the beginning of April, Emily reached out for a different reason–to offer support, as only World’s Finest Chocolate could, to the frontline first responders leading the charge in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


World’s Finest Chocolate wanted to work with HOPE to donate one million chocolate bars to frontline medical staff, first responders and military personnel impacted by the coronavirus crisis. This became the “HOPE is sweet campaign” and Emily led the charge for the World’s Finest Chocolate team. As our messaging highlighted, “HOPE is the belief that tomorrow will be better. But you know what makes everything feel better? Chocolate.” What followed was weeks of close coordination as HOPE identified locations and organizations to receive the chocolate bars, while Emily and her team coordinated the logistics of delivery. It was a Herculean effort, which had nothing to do with Emily’s role or job title at World’s Finest Chocolate, nor were the chocolate donations focused on raising funds for HOPE. It was simply about a great partner coming up with a great idea to help others during a time of great uncertainty and fear. In Emily’s own words, “As the COVID-19 crisis continues to sweep the nation, it is simply incredible to see the American people rally together to support their neighbors. We know all of our friends at Hope For The Warriors are on the front lines of such efforts, providing relief and care to so many. THANK YOU for all that you do! World’s Finest would like to join forces with HOPE during this pandemic so that you can continue to serve the needs of our military communities.”


Through Emily’s and her team’s efforts, World’s Finest Chocolate donated chocolate bars to hospitals and medical facilities across the country, including the Javits Convention Center’s temporary hospital and the hospital ship USNS Comfort in New York, several Fisher House Foundation locations, as well as to military units overseas. We know these chocolate bars and the gesture behind them brought smiles to thousands of tired yet dedicated personnel around the globe. And we know that the energy, purposeful positivity and commitment to HOPE’s mission provided by Emily was a major reason for the success of the campaign. We are grateful for the partnership with World’s Finest Chocolate, and proud to recognize Emily Topp as our Volunteer of the Month.