HOPE is honored to highlight Annie Powell as our March Volunteer of the Month. 

In the wake of social distancing during the global pandemic, Hope For The Warriors launched 30×30 fitness challenges to promote physical and mental wellness for both the warrior and civilian communities. In 2020, HOPE hosted two successful 30×30 Challenges that many of you joined. To kick off 2021, Siemens Government Technologies hosted a challenge to promote wellness amongst their employees. 

Trailblazing these efforts for Siemens was their Human Resource Administer Annie Powell. Annie played an influential role in planning and executing the challenge for her co-workers, and we celebrate her as a champion for wellness. We appreciate her commitment to going above and beyond to support her colleagues during such a trying time. Through Annie’s efforts, she also provided an outlet for HOPE’s mission to be shared and brought awareness to the daily challenges our military families are facing.   

Jenna McDonald, Hope For The Warriors Sports and Recreation Manager and the one who nominated Annie as HOPE’s volunteer of the month, shares, “The creation of the challenge was truly a team effort. This collaboration carried throughout the whole challenge. Annie provided insight and support and was the SGT cheerleader for this effort in every sense of the word. We at Hope For The Warriors believe the challenge wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without such a great internal champion and partner!”  

Thank you, Annie, for being an advocate for our warrior community and for setting a fantastic example on how to be a light of HOPE in the lives of others, whether 6 feet or miles apart!