During the Month of March, we are honored to celebrate Sarah Dale as HOPE’s Volunteer of the Month!

Sarah has firsthand experience of the power that HOPE can have on one’s life when she joined our HOPE family in 2014.  At the time, she and her husband were in a very dark place after the war followed him home. Sarah received the support from HOPE’s Caregiver Support Services, Caregiver Wellness Workshops, and Military Spouse and Caregiver programs that started her journey of healing and a new chapter in her life and marriage.

Today as an actress, artist, and advocate for caregiver and military families, Sarah has been actively sharing HOPE’s mission by bravely sharing her own story. This past year, she has also created her own program, Brave Love TV, to help couples rebuild their marriages.

This past month, Sarah alongside her husband John volunteered to create a series of videos for us to help us highlight the amazing and impactful coursework that veterans and military families can explore in our Resilient Warriors and Resilient Family programs. Beyond these videos, Sarah is always a phone call away to be a voice of HOPE during media opportunities.

Dale - MoroccoWe at HOPE strive for financial transparency and responsible. Currently, 90.1 cents of every dollar directly impact those we serve. Creating videos is something HOPE’s marketing budget simple cannot support. HOPE’s communication staff cannot thank Sarah enough for sharing her time, talents, and treasures with us by filming, creating, and editing videos to help us bring awareness to one of our newer programs. In addition, Sarah will be taking her support of HOPE to new heights by joining the Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarship Committee. As a past recipient and military spouse and caregiver, we look forward to her expertise.

Thank you, Sarah and John! We appreciate your friendship and dedication to sharing HOPE in the warrior community!

We invite you to explore the powerful content Sarah has created for HOPE:
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