It is our honor to highlight Miles Veth as Hope For The Warriors July Volunteer of the Month.   

Miles, the owner of Veth Group, was nominated by HOPE’s Vice President of Development, Jeanne Long, for his dedication and support to our development team. He provides sales training to our staff and helps market HOPE to potential new donors, making valuable connections for the organization.  

This past October, Miles joined Hope For The Warriors at our Got Heart Give Hope gala to meet some of our current partners. The experience was one he wouldn’t soon forget. He was able to talk to General Kelly and his appreciation for our military and their families only grew. Reflecting on his experience Miles states, “Our military members have done so much for others and often do not receive the appreciation I believe they deserve. HOPE is on the frontlines of giving back to those who have given so much, and I think we all should play a part in that! 

Thank you, Miles, for doing your part in giving back by being a source of knowledge and support for our team at Hope For The Warriors.