Frank and Carol Hall volunteering at HOPE.

This February, HOPE is excited to recognize not one but TWO, Volunteers of the Month! Please join us by giving Carol and Frank Hall a big virtual round of applause as we want to thank them for all they do for our organization.

Carol and Frank frequently visit our Springfield, VA, office, where they help us in a number of different ways. They became connected to the organization through their daughter Erin, the Mission Ambassador and Event Officer here at HOPE. For the last 8 years, they have played a large role in our operations and are quick to lend a hand whenever they see a need. It goes without saying that no task or project is too big for these two to take on!

HOPE President/CEO Robin Kelleher nominated both Frank and Carol for this honor.

“Carol and Frank have volunteered in countless ways over the years,” says Robin. “They always come to the office and help us with big projects, letter writing, and other support work. They participate in events, and frequently offer counsel about event ideas. Frank has even created his own position at HOPE!”

A desire to give back to the military community is the driving force behind the volunteers of HOPE. They are the heartbeat of our organization and ensure that each and everyday, our mission of restoring self, family, and HOPE to the warrior community is carried out. 

“Frank is a veteran who is also wheelchair bound,” says Robin. “His challenges do not deter his passion for our mission or his will to help. Their team approach makes them invaluable to HOPE.”

Both Frank and Carol are described by HOPE staff as kind, loving, and caring individuals who go above and beyond with their service. They consistently show up and give back, making it possible for us to keep supporting the military community. 

“Frank is a very intuitive, resilient, and humble man,” says Robin. “Carol is always ready to help in any way she can. She has really gotten to know the staff and makes it easy to ask her for help, no matter what is needed.” 

Thank you, Carol and Frank, for all you do for HOPE! Working alongside the two of you is an honor, and we are excited to see the amazing things we can accomplish together this year! 

Click here for more information on volunteering with HOPE.