Join us in celebrating Harry Fenstad as HOPE’s December Volunteer of the Month!

Selfless service is not a foreign concept to Harry Fenstad, an 83-year-old United States Air Force veteran and retired commercial pilot whose dedication to service never ended, but simply took a new mission. 

Two decades ago, Harry and his wife built their dream home on Sugarloaf Mountain, the highest point in Florida and a popular cycling destination. Recognizing the cyclists’ need to rehydrate in Florida’s heat, Harry set up a water stop for cyclists to safely recuperate during their ride. Many wanted to pay him for this service and he would often find money under his cooler as a “thank you” gift, but Harry decided to pay it forward and donate those gifts to HOPE. This small act of service and kindness has raised over $20,000 for Hope For The Warriors and a total of $50,000 total donated to both HOPE and other veteran service organizations. 

In addition to helping Harry raise money for HOPE and veteran service organizations, the cyclists raised $8,000 to purchase a motorized wheelchair for an injured veteran. Harry decided to match that amount for a total of $16,000 and the veteran was presented with a new wheelchair.

At HOPE, we are continuously inspired by Harry and his efforts to share HOPE with his cycling friends on Sugarloaf Mountain. We hope you too are inspired to give back to your neighbors in your community and recognize that no act of kindness is too small or ever wasted.