It is an honor and privilege to highlight long-time HOPE family member, retired U.S. Marine Sergeant Major Joe Houle, as Hope For The Warriors April Volunteer of the Month.   

Hope For The Warriors Volunteer of the Month retired U.S. Marine Sgt. Maj. Joe Houle, Lee Bonar retired U.S. Marine Sgt. Maj Hope For The Warriors Director Military Relations and Roe Holcomb Cohen Veteran Network Outreach Director.

Since 2006, in the early days of Hope For The Warriors, Sgt. Maj. Houle has been a staple to our organization. He always goes above and beyond to support HOPE events in Eastern North Carolina, especially major events like the Run For The Warriors Race Series and Hope For The Warriors Invitational, where he would recruit young Marines from Camp Johnson to volunteer and oversee their engagement. Beyond helping us build our volunteer force, Houle is always sharing HOPE resources and shows up to support our events, but most importantly, to support veterans and their families in the community.   

HOPE President/CEO Robin Kelleher, who refers to Sgt. Maj. Houle as a mentor and friend, nominated him for Volunteer of the Month and shares, “Joe plays an important role in everything we do in Eastern North Carolina and is always ready and willing to support our efforts to support military families. We could not and would not be a significant force in that community without him.”   

Fellow retired U.S. Marine Sergeant Major and HOPE Director of Military Relations Lee Bonar shares, “Joe is the most selfless person I know! He will do whatever he can do to help you out if you need it. He is a Pillar in our community, and we especially felt how vital he is to us all during times like Hurricane Florence when he was offering personal assistance to fellow veterans.”   

Houle leads of life of service, and the impact he has is truly immeasurable. Beyond supporting HOPE, he supports other veteran service organizations in the community. He is an active member of the Purple Heart Association, deeply involved with the development of young Marines at Camp Johnson, serves on his local Chamber of Commerce on the Military Affairs Committee, plays a pivotal role in the establishment of the Carolina Museum of the Marines in Jacksonville, NC, and so much more. Recognizing Houle as HOPE’s Volunteer of the Month is just the smallest token of our appreciation for him, his service, and his leadership.   

Join us in celebrating and honoring Sgt. Maj. Houle and his tremendous accomplishments and selfless service. We are so fortunate to have him a part of our organization and are continuously inspired by his actions.