The Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program identifies, recognizes, and rewards post-9/11 spouses/caregivers for their strength, fidelity, and resolve despite adversity. Scholarships aid in continued education at a reputable, accredited university, college, or trade school for spouses/caregivers as they assume critical roles in the financial well being of their families.

  • Honorary Scholarship – Awarded to those seeking graduate or post-graduate degree.
  • New Beginnings Scholarship – Awarded to those pursuing entry level classes or training.
  • Restoring Family Scholarship – Awarded to Spouses of the Fallen
  • Restoring Hope Scholarship – Awarded to an MSW Student
  • Restoring Self Scholarship – Awarded to those seeking any undergraduate degree.

Caregiver and Military Spouse Scholarships are made payable to the scholarship recipient’s institution for payment of tuition, books and supplies. The scholarship is for U.S. Colleges and universities only.

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Selection Process

Applicants must complete and submit the application/certification forms along with:

  • Proof of service
  • Proof of injury/death
  • Original essay
  • Two-page questionnaire
  • One letter of recommendation

Incomplete packages will not be accepted. All documentation must be clear and legible. Illegible and unclear documentation will be rejected. Applicants will be selected for scholarship award recommendation based on their eligibility, their commitment to succeed as indicated by academic achievement, personal goals, letters of recommendation and resume, and their original essay response. Scholarship award recommendations and final selection will be at the discretion of the Hope For The Warriors Scholarship Committee. Applicant anonymity will be preserved during the selection process. All members of the Scholarship committee are ineligible for scholarships.

The application process for the Spring 2018 scholarships will be open from Sept 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017.

To apply, click to Apply For Services.

For more information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, e-mail Spouse/Caregiver Scholarships.

To learn more about how the Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship impacts military families, please read this blog story written by a former scholarship recipient.

Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Honorary Scholarship 

Hannah Becker – Capella University, Law

Honorary Scholarship 

April Chapel – Liberty University, Counseling

Restoring Hope Scholarship

Tracy Kelly – University of LaVerne, Counseling

Restoring Self Scholarship 

Elizabeth Alcala – Dallas Baptist University, Psychology

Restoring Self Scholarship 

Kristin Greathouse – San Diego Miramar College, Statistician

Restoring Family Scholarship 

Rachel Ann De Young – Aveda Institute, Esthiology

New Beginnings Scholarship 

Nina Thompson – Ocean County College,  Nursing

One of the greatest gifts one can receive is the gift of Hope. Through the most difficult time in my life, it was hard to find Hope. Hope For The Warriors® gave me that gift. They continue to stand by my side through my journey and at my weakest points they remind me what Hope is all about. Because of Hope For The Warriors, I now give Hope to others.

—Samantha Bradley, Spouse of a Fallen Marine