Today we share a partnership that Hope For The Warriors®
has with FOCUS-CI in the San Antonio and the Bethesda areas.

FOCUS-CI, which stands for Families OverComing Under
Stress- Combat Injured, is a two year longitudinal time series design with both
a control and an intervention group. Both groups will receive additional community
resources and referrals.

The study is looking for combat-injured service members
with at least one child that was born around the time of the injury.  Criteria has recently expanded to now include
service members that have been injured post-9/11.  The service member can be active duty,
discharged, retired, reservist, etc. and must live within a three hour radius
around the San Antonio area or within the Bethesda area.

For more information, please refer to the above document
and the link below.  If you would like to
first discuss with a Hope For The Warriors® staff member, contact ChrystalThompson for the San Antonio area.  For the Bethesda area, please contact Dana Thompson.