Did you know that Team Hope For The Warriors® has its own blog?  The blog does a great job getting the word out to Team member with upcoming races, training tips, fundraising ideas and more. If you are on the Team, might want to be on the Team or just enjoy running, head over to that blog for information and inspiration.

Yesterday’s post was especially inspiring.  A wounded veteran shared a personal testimonial of how Team Hope For The Warriors® helped him when he was first wounded and was depressed about his future.  It is a wonderful, personal account of how Hope For The Warriors® helps service members from the very beginning.

This particular service member has a severely wounded hand, but his injuries have not stopped him from the physical activities that he loves.  The best sentence of his testimonial was the last sentence:

“No longer am I concerned with the challenges that come along with not having two
fully functional hands because I know if I ever need one, Hope For The Warriors®
will be there to lend me one.”

Read more here.

John at the Warrior Games last year