This is a testimonial written by veteran
Travis Dowling as a follow-up blog published in February 2013. 
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story can be found 

two years ago I asked Hope For The Warriors® for new camera equipment as part
of the A Warrior’s Wish® program. At the time I had just been medically retired
from the Army after 11 years of service and had to sell most of my equipment to
pay bills and provide food for my family. After the Wish was fulfilled, it
drastically changed and continues to have a huge impact on my life.
Today, I
am living out my dream of taking photos at sporting events. I am the Sports
Editor at the Northern Light Newspaper, the student paper at the University of
Alaska Anchorage, where I am currently on pace to graduate with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Journalism and Public Communication in May 2015. Through this
position, I have had the opportunity to photograph NCAA basketball and hockey
events, along with landscapes around Alaska. Upon graduation, I am applying to
Indiana Purdue University to pursue a Masters Degree in Sports Journalism.
My education at UAA and my love and passion to tell stories through the lens of a camera gave me the chance to make a documentary about homelessness called Homelessness: Giving Hope to Those in Need, which can be viewed here. The documentary was screened at the UAA Student Film Screening. To read more about Homelessness: Giving Hope to Those in Need, please visit the Alaska Commons review article here.
It is my desire to use a variety of cameras to bring attention to the public about social issues such as homelessness. My next goal is to purchase a new Nikon digital camera with video to continue pursuing my career. Once I am able to purchase the new camera, my goal is to make a documentary of the effects of war on the children that had parents lost or injured in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

All photos credited to Travis Dowling