Lance Cpl. Kyle Moser, USMC spent his 20th Birthday in a place that most 20 year olds do not want to be–at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.  The Marine lost both legs and part of his right hand two days before Thanksgiving in Afghanistan.  But Kyle’s 20th Birthday proved to be exciting and motivating.

Hope For The Warriors ® threw the young Marine a birthday party in his hospital room.  This is part of our bedside care for wounded service members.  Robin Kelleher, our President, was in the room and knew what excitement awaited.

The week before, Robin had received a phone call from Jim McMahon–former Chicago Bears quarterback and longtime supporter of our military.  He was looking for a wounded service member to invite to his Swang N’ Super Bowl Bash and other parties leading up to the Super Bowl.  Hope For The Warriors® had met Kyle and his family and knew that he was a huge fan of the Chicago Bears.  She also knew that the early February trip would be the perfect motivation for this young Marine who had been through so much.  The trip was not just a reward for his service and sacrifice, it would become a key component in his rehabilitation.

The invitation came through a Skype video session and Kyle was surprised and thrilled!  Jim’s invitation came with the added instructions to “get better so you can come to Indianapolis.”

This is exactly why Hope For The Warriors® created our Hope & Morale program.  The Hope & Morale program provides respite and recreational opportunities for wounded service members engaged in the long process of recovery. Such events raise spirits, restore hope and inspire a commitment to recovery—all-important factors in long-term rehabilitation success.

Swang N’ Super Bowl Bash
Alex and Kyle flew to Indianapolis the Wednesday before the Super Bowl.  That evening, McMahon hosted a Celebrity Mixer with many of his personal friends and guests and the Mosers.  It was the perfect low-key evening for this couple to begin their week.

The main event was held on Thursday and Kyle and his wife Alex and father Bob had a great time.  They were once again the personal guests of Jim McMahon and his girlfriend Laurie.  The room was filled with sports and music stars–all who took the time to talk to Kyle and thank him for his service to our country.  For his first outing, Kyle could not have been in a more supportive atmosphere. 

Alex and Kyle Moser sit with McMahon for a news interview.

During the evening, the party was also joined by some other service members.  A direct feed connected party goers to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.  The wife of one of those soldiers spoke to her husband in a not-so-private but still emotional conversation.

Soldiers in Afghanistan joined the party.

On Saturday, the Moser family had the opportunity to once again sit with McMahon before he had to leave town.  They were all thankful for the time they had with their Chicago Bears hero.

A photo moment between two new friends.

Later that evening, we were the guest of one of McMahon’s friends–Kyle Turley.  Turley is a former player for the Saints and now a musician.  His band was performing at a Country Western Bar and as you can see in the photo below, Kyle and Alex were ready to dress the part! 

The Mosers with Kyle Turley.

One final friend of McMahon’s that I must highlight is Dick Lynch, president and founder of the organization, Impact a Hero.  Through this organization, Kyle and Alex flew home on Monday in a private plane, operated by Universal Weather & Aviation.  

Hope For The Warriors® thanks Jim McMahon and his staff, all of his friends, and all of the people at Impact a Hero and Universal Weather & Aviation.  His invitation and the trip was a huge morale booster for Kyle and his family.  He will not soon forget any of this!

Next blog posting….Kyle meets the Giants and goes to the Super Bowl!