Hope For The Warriors® had a rare opportunity to join together for a Staff Development Conference in Arlington, VA last week.  We titled the conference “Hope For The Future” and throughout the week, Hope staff worked together to focus on the future of our organization and on the program work that we want to accomplish and need to accomplish to fully assist today’s military families. 

It was a wonderful week!

We need to thank a huge number of people and companies who made this conference possible.  They include:

Our lodging that was either free or discounted
My Suite Solutions
DoubleTree by Hilton

Fantastic presenters
Nessa Kiely, The Kiely Company
Dan Shyti, 4 Power Leadership

Motivating Workouts
CrossFit Merrifield
Denise Olsen, Strong and Soutful Yoga

Where were you eight years ago and where do you think you will be eight years from now?

We are not the same organization today as we were when we were founded in 2006.  Chances are, we will not be the same organization eight years from now either.  Together, we are ready to grow and shift as the challenges of our families also grow and shift. 

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