Spring is often thought to be the season of new beginnings. We see life rekindling in beautiful plants, animals migrating back to their homes, days getting longer, and everyone’s favorite…warmer weather! But aside from all that, spring is a time for us to create new beginnings in our own life that support positivity and overall wellbeing. At HOPE, we know this can be overwhelming at times, which is why we put together these tips on where to begin as we tackle this season of transition together.  

Declutter your Space

What better to kick off the season than with a good old-fashioned decluttering session! Research has shown that excessive clutter in our home and workspaces affects our ability to mentally and physically relax and heightens our anxiety. Whether it be clothes, furniture, books, or kitchen utensils, we all have items in our environment that we no longer have a use for. Thinking about going through it all can be a daunting task and sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Here are some tips to give you that little boost you might need! 

  • Rally the troops! Get the whole family involved and even make a little friendly competition out of it.
  • Haven’t used it in the past twelve months? Time to donate! There are several organizations to consider bringing items to that assist the military community like AMVETS and the Salvation Army. 
  • Try a no-buy month! Sometimes we need a little shopping detox. This allows more time and space to go through what we already have.
  • There are plenty of decluttering checklists out there, which act as excellent guides to keep us from feeling overwhelmed. Find one that best suits your needs and take it one day at a time! 

Change up your Routine

The military community loves routines and schedules! While this structure is important, revisiting that routine and seeing what new things we can incorporate and what no longer benefits us like it used to can be a great way to kick off the spring! Changing our routine can bring us excitement, drive new interests, and increase our productivity. While most of us find comfort in our current schedule, consider some of these tips to make positive changes in your life.

  • Try a podcast or audiobook. Think about all the time we spend in the car or around the house listening to music. While we love a good sing-along just as much as the rest of you, finding a good podcast or book can aid in personal enrichment and broaden our knowledge on a variety of unique topics.
  • Sign up for a new class! Let’s face it, there is probably something out there you’ve always wanted to try but felt you never had the time. Making this a part of your routine is a great way to add excitement to your daily life.
  • Set one new goal a month. Having something to work towards leaves us feeling accomplished and satisfied. Budgeting time in our schedules ensures we get it done and before you know it, you will be meeting and exceeding them every month! 

Declutter your Mind

When our mind becomes cluttered, it causes us to feel overwhelmed and unfocused. Not only do we let the present consume us, but we often worry about the future, feel the pressures of constant connectivity, and think about the different tasks at hand we need to complete. But just like our closets and dresser drawers, every now and again, it’s healthy to do a little reset with our minds and sort out our thoughts. Here are some great ways to find your center this spring! 

  • Make a to-do list. This helps get those tasks we need to complete out of our heads, making them more bearable to tackle. Create two categories, tasks we want to complete and tasks we need to complete, which help us prioritize. 
  • Limit social media and phone time. At HOPE, we know that is easier said than done, but setting aside time each day to disconnect gives us more time back to invest in ourselves! 
  • Talk it out! Confide in a close friend or loved one about emotions taking up space. This can give us different perspectives on how to sift through them and help clear our minds.
  • Find a healthy work-life balance. No matter what career field you find yourself in, it can be easy to let that consume us. For those working from home, it can be tempting to log in at night and get ahead on tomorrow’s tasks. Taking a mental break not only ensures we spend our time with family and doing things that bring us joy but keeps us from burning out down the road. 

No matter what area of your life you want to focus on this spring, HOPE will be there to support you along the way! While this transitional period is a great time to start healthy habits, we encourage you to apply these tips all year round. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we show ourselves a little extra TLC! For more ways on how HOPE can serve you and your family, click here to connect to services.