Run For The Warriors® is a race series dedicated to our country’s post-9/11 warrior community, specifically those injured defending our country, their families and families of the fallen. The Run For The Warriors series is a celebration of their strength and resolve and our promise as communities across the country to continue restoring self, family and hope in the lives of these warriors.

Run For The Warriors race series provides wounded service members encouragement and the opportunity to pursue the sport of running, walking or cycling to assist in their physical and emotional rehabilitation.

This race series also unites military and civilian community members, connecting and educating each on the importance of embracing their neighbors. The goal of each event is to establish a long-term understanding and respect for the needs of local military families.

Race distances vary by location/run but often include 10K, 5K, and First Mile Walk/Runs. All races are adaptive equipment friendly and chip-timed.

If you have any questions about any of our Run For The Warriors races, including sponsorship opportunities, e-mail runinfo@hopeforthewarriors.org.

2020 Schedule*

*As the conversations and concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue, we want you to know your health and safety are our priorities at Hope For The Warriors.

Virtual Run

New Bern, NC

July 4

Choose your distance.



Washington D.C.

October 4

ASA – 5K

Coming Soon

Long Island, NY

Long Island, NY

November 7


Coming Soon

Jacksonville, NC

Jacksonville, NC

November 14

5K, Half Marathon



Every journey starts with the first step. The first moment of resolve. The first mile.

Every Run For The Warriors race hosted by Hope For The Warriors honors the First Mile, which symbolizes the beginning of a service member’s journey to restore HOPE in his or her life after injury. That could mean the first steps in recovery. Seeking a rewarding career outside the military. Or setting a goal and going for it.

Today, your journey takes you through the First Mile many of our country’s warriors embark upon after leaving service, whether it’s finding a civilian job, reconnecting with family, or recovering from physical or mental trauma.

It’s an on-going journey that lasts a lifetime, and Hope For The Warriors is there for every step.


You don’t have to be a runner to make an impact through the Run For The Warriors series. You can volunteer or create your own community fundraiser.

Last year alone, Hope For The Warriors provided life-transforming programs and services to over 12,000 military families across the country — our largest number of warriors served annually to date. And the need for HOPE keeps growing every year.

It takes a community to support our warriors and to keep Hope For The Warriors programs and services ready for the growing needs of our warrior community.

Join our volunteer team or encourage your friends and neighbors to join you by donating and giving HOPE.


The Run For The Warriors series offer sponsorship opportunities that promote your brand and show your support of our country’s warriors. Email runinfo@hopeforthewarriors.org to discover ways to engage your business in this national series that’s rooted in America’s communities. A member of our development team will contact you to discuss sponsorship opportunities that best meet your goals.

I was introduced to Hope For The Warriors in their earliest days. I had noticed the above and beyond attention they gave my family and me then. Now, years later, they still call and check on my family and me and they have never forgotten me.

—Derek Hughes, Former Army Specialist