Many order pizza over the phone. Few call a company 1,000 miles away.

But Hope For The Warriors® rarely follows the norm and few companies are as dedicated to our military as Casey’s General Store.

It started with a simple conversation.  Staff members were visiting patients in Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  Each week, our coordinators meet with wounded service members and family members, talking about their challenges, and searching for solutions through our programs. 

This particular visit was with Petty Officer 3rd Class Taylor Morris, USN, from Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Wounded May 3, Taylor is a quadruple amputee.  Our staff member talked to him and his girlfriend, Danielle, about the support that we received from Casey’s General Store.

If you are from the Midwest and have been to a Casey’s store, it will not surprise you that Taylor and Danielle immediately talked about Casey’s pizza.  Apparently everyone loves Casey’s pizza.

Back at the office, the staff learned of Taylor’s love for Casey’s pizza.  Naturally, Bob Myers, Casey’s President and CEO was called.

Through a series of phone calls, it was decided that somehow, pizzas would be sent to Washington, D.C.  As luck would have it, a staff member’s neighbor was flying to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.  She agreed to carry the pizzas on the airplane with her. 

The pizzas were freshly made, packed in ice, and boxed up with instructions on how to bake them in a regular oven.  Our staff greeted this volunteer at the airport.

The next day, each pizza was baked.  At 12:15 pm, three pizzas, baked to perfection, were presented to a very surprised Taylor.  He was joined by his girlfriend Danielle and several friends, some who were also from the Midwest and just as excited to see a slice of home.

It did not take long for all of the pizza to be eaten.

Thank you to Casey’s General Store and to Bob Myers, President.  Many would have received that phone call and not completely understood how wonderful a piece of home can be in a service member’s recovery.

Thank you to Beth, the woman who volunteered to carry the box on the airplane. 

And of course, thank you to Taylor and Danielle for your service and your strength.