Craig Conover has been doing more than hosting pillow parties this summer. The Southern Charm cast member has been raising awareness for Hope For The Warriors, a veteran service organization that provides support programs for service members, their families, and military veterans.

“Support our veterans and their families. Whether they’re home or abroad, there are plenty of ways to support them while they protect us,” he wrote as a caption to an Instagram post showing him with what looks like a rather large machine gun, but is just a sophisticated golf ball launcher. “I think I found one of my new top three favorite organizations,” he said in the video.

“Looking back on the past few days, I feel so humbled and honored to be a part of Hope For The Warriors and be able to give back to those who put their lives on the line to protect our safety and freedom,” he told The Daily Dish. “I had the opportunity to meet some of the men and women who serve our country and get a glimpse of what life is like overseas. It was truly an eye-opening experience and I am forever grateful to those who serve and to Hope For The Warriors for supporting our troops. I have a ton of respect for those that have served and their families. Hope for the Warriors’ message of coming home and feeling welcomed and embraced is such a need.”

The experience has allowed Craig to have a glimpse into what service members go through in times of combat, which he found humbling.

“For me, I obviously didn’t serve so when they invited me — I really want to be a part of it firsthand, to hear the stories, meet people, and understand how I can help amplify what they’re doing. The stories I heard are unfathomable unless you get the chance to hear them from the troops themselves,” he said. “Walking through the Immersion Trainer [battlefield simulator] was terrifying and I can’t imagine being there in real life. Yet they still operate and defend us every day. I’m hoping to stay involved and lend my support whenever they call on me.”

Craig Conover HFTW Invitational

Photo: Craig Conover

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