Today’s story is about an unlikely group of donors who demonstrate that every contribution, big or small, can make a difference in the lives of our veterans and families.

It begins last fall when Hope For The Warriors® began receiving letters from veteran inmates at a correctional center in the Midwest. Many of the inmates had been incarcerated as a result of their challenges with post-traumatic stress. They each wanted to donate $5 per month—30% of their income—to Hope For The Warriors®, hoping their collective impact would help other veterans and their families.

Prison is often considered a hopeless place but these inmates chose to make a difference by giving HOPE to their fellow veterans who have sacrificed so much. Hope For The Warriors® has begun working with the center’s staff to identify the needs of these veterans in the future. And their contributions will make all the difference for the future of fellow veterans.

As we begin a new year, we ask that you consider the difference you can make in the lives of our service members and military families through a recurring monthly donation. Even the seemingly small contributions—like $5 a month—can improve the life of a veteran and military family. Join us as we fill 2015 with HOPE!