As we approach Valentine’s Day, we all have one word on our
mind: LOVE. But the love we share today is not a one-dimensional, romantic love,
but rather love with unconditional strength and sacrifice. That love transcends
time and distance to define intimacy, resiliency, and most of all, family.
Programs within Hope For The Warriors® focus on restoring
self, family, and hope. One story in particular reminds me of how our programs
support love.
A military spouse and her special needs child were both
physically and emotionally disconnected from their service member while he was
in recovery in an out-of-state treatment facility. The distance impacted
everyone in the family—the service member in recuperation, the mother trying to
maintain normalcy, the child who was confused by the father’s absence. The
family needed to reconnect and rebuild their love. Hope For The Warriors® flew the
spouse and child across the country to reconnect and allow the family to heal
together. Thanks to your donations, we were able to pay
for their flights, hotel, rental car, and travel expenses.
This story is a great
example of how our program work supports love. Shelley Rodriguez, Critical Care
Coordinator with Hope For The Warriors®, assisted the family.
Creating meaningful connections with military family members like this one allowed me an amazing glimpse
into their day-to-day lives. Being able to assist this military spouse
and the unique needs of her family provided a much-needed service to those who serve
our country and those who support their heroes and families.
As we celebrate this national day of love, we ask that you make
a donation
to Hope For The Warriors® to support programs that support our families. Your
contribution can make the difference in the lives of our service members and
military families.  Also consider a recurring monthly donation to
support military families throughout the year.  As always, thank you for joining in our
mission to restore self, family, and HOPE.
Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Hope For The Warriors®!