Group at the 2015 Life Hunt

In January 2015, Hope For The Warriors® had the opportunity to send service members and staff to a Buckmasters Life Hunt. The Buckmasters Life Hunt allows disabled children and wounded service members to hunt while enjoying nature and friendship. Buckmasters is dedicated to aiding members of the outdoor community by making the sport of hunting accessible to a disabled hunter, thanking our military heroes, and more. Life Hunts facilitate hope and play a role in the recovery process of some extraordinary hunters. This three-day hunt, which takes place in the peak of Alabama deer rut season, also serves as a time of camaraderie and resiliency for many service members.
Jeff Holland, David William, Jackie Bushman, and Michael Demmer at the Expo. (From L to R)   
In August 2015, Buckmasters held The Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery, Alabama, which showcases various vendors in the hunting and fishing community. Buckmasters invited the service members who attended last year’s Life Hunt, two new service members, and their families to all attend the expo. Jackie Bushman, founder and CEO of Buckmasters, brought all of the service members on stage before a Diamond Rio Concert at the Expo and thanked them for their service. One of the returning service members was Jeff Holland, Sergeant First Class, USA, 7th Special Forces Group, who was awarded his mount, one of the largest bucks harvested on the hunt. The other two service members, David William GYSGT, USMC Retired, scout sniper with 1st Marine Division, and Michael Demmer, Sergeant, USA, Calvary Scout, were brought on stage and given a letter to read, unbeknownst that the letter contained an incredible surprise for them both.
Group at the Expo with their families 
The letter was an invitation to the 2016 Life Hunt—all expenses paid. The group was truly surprised and beyond grateful for this opportunity. The Expo allowed the service members to connect in advance with some of the Buckmasters Staff, who never forget a face and truly care for military families and the disabled children they take on the Life Hunts. Jackie Bushman values the importance of the Life Hunt every year, stating, “To be able to see the smiles on their faces and their parents faces, it’s just priceless to me.”
Hope For The Warriors® is grateful to have this unique partnership with Buckmasters, and is looking forward to a great hunt in 2016. To help give more service members the opportunity to participate in events like the Buckmasters Life Hunt please consider becoming a supporter of Hope For The Warriors®.