In the first weekend of the US turkey hunting season, Hope For The Warriors® was invited to participate in the Mossy Oak Turkey THUGS Spring Gobbler Hunt. The hunt took place on March 6-9, in Arcadia, Florida. Two service members, Martin, an Active Duty Marine Scout Sniper and EOD student, and Joe, a former Marine Scout Sniper, were able to enjoy a rejuvenating weekend of hunting.
am so thankful I was able to attend [the hunt]. It was such a relaxing
atmosphere and such a blessing to be able to spend time with people that have
some of the same issues and struggles that I do,” said Joe. “It is something I
highly recommend to all of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans out there that
just need to take a breather from day to day life.”
Martin and Joe were able to hunt with some of the best hunters in the business,
Keith Kelly and Bubba Bruce, from Turkey THUGS, who have a combined total of
over 80 years of turkey hunting experience. Mossy Oak Turkey THUGS is a
television series that not only provides entertainment, but also is dedicated
to helping service members get back to outdoor activities. Mossy Oak recorded
the hunt and testimonials, which will air in the fall on the Pursuit
like this one are so important to veterans for many reasons, it allows us to
link up with like-minded individuals and talk about similar pasts,” said Martin. “When people take their time and funds and do something like [this hunt] it
catches our attention in a big way. In a way, it reminded me of who and what I
was protecting.” 
For The Warriors® would like to thank Mossy Oak Turkey THUGS and a host of
local friends who were absolutely wonderful in their support of the hunt.

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