In an interview with Hope For The Warriors®, former Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship recipient, Kara Gardner, shares the scholarship’s impact on her education and career since graduating in December 2012.

How did this scholarship impact your education?

This scholarship assisted me a great deal and allowed me to focus on my education without the burden of student loans or working a second job. I attended a private college because that was the only school in my area with my program of study. The tuition and fees associated with a private college were much more then the VA was able to support so this scholarship really helped to fill the gap. 

What university or certification program did you attend?
I attended Clark Atlanta University for the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program.

Are you currently working and if so is it in the area/field for which you got your degree/certification?

I work in higher education and my degree was in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. I’m working in Institutional Advancement within higher education.

How did the scholarship affect your family?

I’m a family of one, but I have been a positive example for my nieces and nephews. My spouse was in the Army and KIA.

How did the scholarship impact your career?

I was able to get a better job with increased education. I am doing much better professionally and climbing the ladder. I probably would not have been able to complete my degree without the support from the Hope For The Warriors® Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program. 

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