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We have already posted in this blog about the benefits that some of our service members have gained from sailing.  Ronnie Simpson was the recipient of  A Warrior’s Wish® back in 2010 and competed in a sailing race across the Pacific Ocean.  He returned to that same race in 2012 and is now an avid sailor.

Ronnie is also giving back to the wounded community.  In 2013, he will host four sailing clinics throughout the country.  Ronnie is confident that he can teach anyone the skills of sailing, regardless of experience or injury.  We have also highlighted a wounded Marine, a double amputee, who attended one of his clinics last year and now enjoys the mobility and freedom of the open water.  (Read that posting.)

Visit our webpage to learn more about sailing clinics, speaking engagements for Ronnie and another veteran Don, or to donate to this worthy program.