In the rhythmic cadence of every stride, there’s a story of resilience, strength, and unwavering determination. Meet Amanda Eason, Team HOPE’s January Athlete of the Month, a Marine whose journey intertwines with the pavement, healing wounds while forging connections.

Amanda Eason, Team HOPE's January Athlete of the Month

Amanda’s story is not just about running; it’s about finding solace, freedom, and camaraderie through the miles. As we dive into the profound impact of running on Amanda’s life, we uncover the transformative power of Team HOPE in supporting our veterans through their unique challenges.

Amanda’s relationship with HOPE dates back to 2011, when she sought refuge in the therapeutic rhythm of running. “I started running, which helped me work through some of my trauma,” Amanda reflects. During her 15 years in the service, she suffered permanent vision loss, a Traumatic Brain Injury, and nerve damage down the right side of her face. Team HOPE became a vital part of her healing journey, providing a supportive community that understands service members’ unique challenges.

For Amanda, running is more than a physical activity; it provides escape, therapy, and freedom. She said, “Running is my escape, therapy, and freedom all in one. I challenge myself to go further, faster, and stronger with every stride.” The pavement becomes her sanctuary, where worries and trauma dissipate, leaving a sense of liberation behind. Her motivation is visible to everyone around her, and that’s just one reason why she was nominated as HOPE’s first-ever Athlete of the Month by Jenna McDonald, the Director of Physical Wellness, Sports & Recreation. “I nominated Amanda because she is so motivated, so positive, and determined,” Jenna said. “When I think of the warrior spirit that Team HOPE looks to instill in our athletes, Amanda embodies that.”

HOPE, for Amanda, is not just an organization; it’s a lifeline. Her first race with Team HOPE was the Marine Corps Marathon, and since then, she has participated in multiple races with her fellow service members.

Amanda Eason, Team HOPE's January Athlete of the Month

“[I met] many people I wouldn’t have met if not for HOPE,” she says. The camaraderie built over the years is a testament to the profound impact of organizations like HOPE in fostering connections among those who have faced adversity together.

Amanda’s dedication to running extends beyond conventional boundaries. Recently completing a 50K, she embodies the spirit of pushing limits and challenging herself. “It’s on the pavement where I leave my worries behind, letting go of the trauma and tension that weighs me down,” she emphasizes. Amanda’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of running, transcending physical boundaries, and offering a path to healing.

Amanda Eason, Team HOPE's January Athlete of the MonthFor Amanda, organizations like HOPE are crucial. “Everything I have found with HOPE is that they give everything they possibly can back to the Marines and to the service members,” she affirms. Amanda’s story underscores the significance of having a supportive community that understands and addresses the unique needs of our veterans.

Amanda’s resilience extends beyond the track. As a mother, wife, and Marine, she navigates life through challenges, yet, she remains steadfast, embodying the indomitable spirit of those who serve.

As we celebrate Amanda Eason, Team HOPE’s January Athlete of the Month, we honor her running achievements and the courage, strength, and camaraderie that define her journey. Her story reminds us that, through running and the support of organizations like HOPE, we can overcome challenges, find healing, and build lasting connections. Here’s to Amanda – a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. May her strides continue to echo with the power of healing and hope.

Team Hope For The Warriors (Team HOPE) provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to compete at various endurance events throughout the year.

Warrior Team members are provided race support, goal-setting opportunities, and social engagement to ensure they all feel the camaraderie, belonging, and connection of being part of a team.

All Warrior Team participants must connect to services with Hope For The Warriors before being added to the program.