As we celebrate all the joy that comes with the holidays, we understand that not everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy the peace surrounding the season. But where there’s hope, there’s a way. This story honors the struggles many of our service members face this time of year. It also recognizes the generosity of military supporters within our own communities who make the magic of the season possible for the whole family.

One Texas service member reached out to Hope For The Warriors after his medical retirement in September 2015. He started working soon after his retirement, but his doctor ordered him to stop and begin treatment for physical TBI and PTSD.

His loss of income left him, his wife, and three children with financial issues. The mounting stress during the holidays caused him to state to Hope For The Warriors that gifts for the children were “the last thing on [his] mind.” Feeding his family was top priority.

One Hope For The Warriors staff member in Texas was contacted about reaching out to his local community of supporters. He found a family who jumped at the chance to help this military family. This exceptionally generous and caring family supplied food and everything on the children’s’ Christmas lists. And they didn’t stop there. They invited the service member and his family to join them for Christmas Eve services at their church. Beyond the holidays, this family also offered the service member a job when he is ready to start work again. Talk about a Happy New Year!

This is just one story that proves the spirit of the holiday season can be found in the kindness of supporters who understand its meaning.

To restore hope to military families this time of year, consider giving the gift of HOPE. By choosing to give HOPE, you’re not only honoring someone special to you—you’re helping thank the men and women who have gifted us freedom year-round.