Each May, in honor of Memorial Day, 36 miniature golf courses around the country participate in Putting for Patriots.  During those two weeks, funds are raised for Hope For The Warriors® and two other nonprofit organizations. In today’s blog, we share a testimonial from Brad, the owner and the reason behind this fundraiser. 

“I am a former Marine Corps Officer, turned businessman. In 2006, I made a visit to the Wounded Warrior Barracks in Camp Lejeune and spent four hours with Lt Col Maxwell, visiting with wounded Marines and learning of the shortfalls in the care of our wounded. From that day forward, I spent considerable time interviewing Marines, Key Wives, Key Volunteers and various charity officers. My initial goal/obsession was to assist in finding and serving Marines and Soldiers who were ‘falling through the cracks’ and not receiving the care and support they deserved. When our many involved hands got a handle on this problem, I turned to my efforts to simply raising money for the charities, which had proven to be the best and most efficient at serving our wounded.”

“Hope For The Warriors® tops this chart. Their leadership at inception– and largely to this day– is composed of the large-hearted wives of Marines. These bright women ‘get it’— for many years now they have made an art form of serving those who have served us. And most impressive, while many of their fellow charities in this service niche have grown a little too big and little too sloppy in their expenditures, Hope For The Warriors® remains ‘lean and mean.’ Our chain of 30 businesses runs an annual fundraiser each year, which benefits three charities that serve our wounded and families of the fallen. This event forces me to annually review the tax returns of many charities. Each year, Hope For The Warriors® is the most efficient charity in the bunch. In short, before you write a check to another charity, see if they come close to Hope For The Warriors® key numbers.”

Thank you to Brad and all of the patrons that help Hope For The Warriors® restore self, family and hope.

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