Photo courtesy of  Paul Oberle

June is PTSD Awareness Month and so far, we have shared some of the challenges faced by our military spouses and families. Today, we share a story
of hope for those who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Captain Adam Tanverdi, USAF (Ret.) is an inspiration to many
who suffer with PTSD. Adam was medically retired from the Air Force due to his
psychological struggles associated with combat. Unsure of his next step, he
joined Hope For The Warriors® for a cycling event in 2008.

The event reintroduced Adam to more than just a sport that
he had long enjoyed. As a pilot, he flew thousands of feet above the earth and
far from the men he served alongside. During our event, Adam unknowingly
reunited with fellow service members with whom he carried out missions – he in
the air, they on the ground. The men were able to speak face to face for the
first time, providing Adam healing and a much-needed connection.

Hope For The Warriors® continues to support those
connections. Adam is an active member of Team Hope For The Warriors® and participates
in Hope & Morale events with his family. As Adam says, “My wife and my son
are affected by combat too.”  

Photo courtesy of Mike Moberly Photography 

Our continued support has allowed the Tanverdi family to
thrive, despite Adam’s PTSD. 

Hope For The Warriors® focuses not on the injury, but the
act of living with the injury. As a community, we can restore self, family, and
hope to our service members, veterans, and military families.

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