The Hope For The Warriors and CopOp National Speaking Series provides training and education aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding PTSD. Facilitated by experts, of Dave Corlett and Dr. Kathleen Chard, this comprehensive education program is designed to broaden and amplify the national impact of HOPE and CopOp. Additionally, the series offers corporate trainings on stress, PTSD, and mental health first aid through this partnership.

If you are interested in learning more or hosting us for a speaking opportunity, please reach out to Liz McCoy:

HOPE Mission:

We believe those touched by military service can succeed at home by restoring their sense of self, family and hope.

CopOp Mission:

Reduce the number of veteran and first responder suicide victims through early intervention. We intend to achieve this by providing our nation’s first responders and corporations with the ability to recognize transitional or Post Traumatic Stress, providing the knowledge of how to connect with the service members and the community resources to make referrals.

TOGETHER, our mission is to:

Educate those in the community whose work touches the lives of veterans through a National Speaker and Training Series.

Speaking Topics and Training Programs


  • Workplace Stress
  • Addressing Stigma and PTSD in the workplace
  • Employee Consortium

First Responder:

  • Military Program Overview (1 day)
  • Military Program Full Itinerary (3 day)
  • Workplace Stress / PTSD in Law Enforcement and Military

Meet the team:

Dr. Kathleen Chard, PhD isDr. Kathleen Chard, PhD is an international expert on the assessment and treatment of stress related disorders. She provides trainings for first responders and their family members on stress, stress management and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Her trainings provide responders with important information about the biology of stress, how to effectively manage the stress response, and how to seek help when stress is impairing work or family functioning. Dr. Chard is the Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Director of Trauma Recovery Center at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. She is also a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Director of the UC Health Stress Center at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Chard is an international expert on the assessment and treatment of stress related disorders including PTSD. Dr. Chard is an active researcher, and she has received over 20 million dollars in funding to examine stress epidemiology, assessment and treatment in Veterans, first responders and civilians. She frequently provides trainings on the causes of stress, stress management and PTSD to first responders throughout the United States.

Sgt. Dave Corlett (Ret)Sgt. Dave Corlett (Ret) is a retired Cincinnati Police Sergeant. Spend the day with Dave as he introduces you to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, its effects on military and law enforcement personnel, its definitions, and how it can change even the strongest people. Sergeant Corlett is an Army Combat Veteran of the Persian Gulf War and spent the last 31 years as a patrol officer and supervisor of the Cincinnati Police Department. Sergeant Corlett formed the Nationally recognized Military Liaison group in Cincinnati and was awarded the 2021 Anthony L. Sutin Award for innovation and community partnership in Law Enforcement.

Sergeant Corlett has been teaching Intro to PTSD through crisis intervention and national appearances for almost 7 years. Let Sgt. Corlett prepare your first responders for assisting their military communities and each other. Sergeant Corlett has been a guest speaker with the Ohio Attorney General, The Rise22 conference, National Narcotics Officers Conference, Mid Atlantic Association of Women in Law Enforcement and on the DOJ podcast. To date Sergeant Corlett has trained over 5000 first responders on the basics of PTSD in our profession and how to get help.

If you are interested in learning more or hosting us for a speaking opportunity, please reach out to Liz McCoy: