The PACT program provides modular training in entrepreneurship and leadership development. PACT is a series of virtual and physical events that provides training and recruitment for veterans, service members, caregivers, and spouses. Hope For The Warriors and its partners team together to give short seminars in business leadership and entrepreneurship. Each seminar consists of an introduction to Hope For The Warriors’ PACT and Above and Beyond programs, an introduction to the sponsor, a short class on business leadership or entrepreneurship, and then a short question and answer period. In addition, we encourage our sponsors to promote any business or job opportunities that they have available. This is an active participation program that requires members to stay in contact with PACT staff.

  • Participants must have a working phone number and email address. Access to a computer is highly recommended.
  • Participants will be urged to join the PACT Facebook page to check job postings and training events.
  • Participants will be urged to take place in conversations with other program members to create a personal peer network to help with transition.
  • Participants will be informed about other Hope For The Warriors programs.
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