These are all proven facts: physical activity boosts energy, improves mood, combats health problems, and helps you get more quality Zs at night. When you combine those benefits and mix in a great cause, that’s a recipe for a happier you. 

Hope For The Warriors started the 30×30 Memorial Day Challenge during the pandemic to get people moving and honor and remember the fallen. Since then, thousands of participants have committed to 30 minutes of activity for 30 days in May. “This is the perfect way to introduce or reinforce wellness in the workplace and be inspired by the lives of our military,” says HOPE CEO and co-founder, Robin Kelleher.

HOPE aimed to inspire and motivate individuals to pick whatever activity they want and track their progress along the way. The activity could have been anything, from walking, gardening, yoga, or meditation. On Mission Mondays, Challenge participants received an email about a fallen hero. Service members like Chance Phelps, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. They learned about their service, courage, and bravery. On Focus Fridays, participants collected health and wellness tips and got their competitive juices flowing with our leaderboard of the top fundraisers and minutes of movement. 

The 30×30 Challenge is a free event, and that’s why dozens of businesses and corporations brought employees together to compete, but Northern Virginia stole the show, with the most significant participation out of 45 states across the country and internationally. 

One of those Northern Virginia organizations was Siemens Government Technologies (SGT), which had 43 participants in the 30×30 this year, raising over $1,100 for HOPE to help veterans and military families. Director of Communications Thomas Greer says that SGT gives team members extra time to take the Challenge up another notch. “We also have a volunteer time off benefit of 16 hrs./yr., allowing employees to support local nonprofit causes and initiatives important to them. We’ve encouraged employees to apply that benefit toward the amount of time they choose to participate in the 30×30 Challenge.” 

SGT Service Project Manager Nathan Boward is a veteran, participating because the Challenge hits close to home. “As a veteran, I have lost multiple friends to suicide, and this challenge is a great way to spread awareness of the positive impacts of exercise to both your physical and mental health, as a way to honor those who have sacrificed everything for our freedom,” Nathan says. 

He sent over a photo during the Challenge doing one of his favorite activities, cycling. “It provides a way to see such beautiful areas that you can’t appreciate while in a car and wouldn’t be able to get to by foot. I love the peace and quiet of the rides through the woods.” 

Kristy Devericks is a Senior Subcontracts Administrator at SGT, who loves doing F45 HIIT workouts, focusing on strength and cardio throughout the week with one hybrid day. She has a deep admiration for anyone that has served in the military.

“All seven of my grandfather’s brothers were in the armed forces. I honor them on Memorial Day,” she says.

Melinda Osborne loves to walk for the Challenge because it releases stress. “A little fresh air and nature restore the spirit,” she says. Her father and brother-in-law were both Vietnam veterans.

“Our veterans have given so much to support our nation and our blessed way of life. This is my small contribution to support those that have given so much,” she says. 

All the 30X30 participants and donors gave military families what they need today: HOPE. The numbers speak for themselves. 


  • 3,167+ hours of activity logged 
  • 3,983+ activities completed 
  • 7,043 miles traveled
  • 770,466 calories burned
  • Over $17K raised for the military community 


Thank you to all our participants and donors for going on this journey with HOPE. Visit for more information or to get involved in future events!