The Department of Defense defines force multiplier as, “a capability that, when added to and employed by combat force, significantly increases combat potential of that force and thus enhances that probability of successful mission accomplishment.”

Just as force multipliers are crucial to accomplishing missions overseas, they are equally important to the military community when a warrior’s mission shifts focus from military operations to transitioning into the civilian world.

At HOPE, we are thankful to establish relationships with many impactful organizations to strengthen our mission and ensure our veterans and military families are successful in accomplishing theirs.

One of these relationships is with Partner in HOPE Camp Southern Ground, founded by multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown. Camp Southern Ground is dedicated to serving veterans with two programs — Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH.

Camp Southern Ground

Warrior Week, Camp Southern Ground’s signature workforce and wellness program, helps veterans transitioning from active service to civilian life. This 12-month program begins with a high-touch week at Camp Southern Ground. The goal of this week is to help transitioning veterans harness their strength, perseverance, selflessness, sacrifice, integrity and honor as a springboard to a productive and fulfilling life after service. Highly trained staff help veterans identify their unique strengths, define purpose and develop a new life plan.

With a holistic approach to growth and discovery amongst a massive support network of peers and mentors, participants work alongside their network over the next year of their journey to assist them in their new mission.

Warrior PATHH (Progressive Alternative Training for Healing Heroes), which also starts with a high-touch week at Camp Southern Ground, is the nation’s first non-clinical program aimed to cultivate and facilitate post traumatic growth among combat veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and/or combat stress. This 18-month program delivers training for veterans to regain the capacity to regulate their thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as improve their physical, emotional, spiritual and economic well-being.

Hope For The Warriors Clinical Health and Wellness staff attend Warrior Week at Camp Southern Ground to introduce HOPE’s Resilient Warrior Program to participants. Offering the veterans, their caregivers and families our Resilient programs prolong the impact of attending Warrior Week by continuing conversations about post-traumatic growth and transition.

Resilient Warrior is an educational course designed to help a service member cope with stressful events, like the transition to the civilian world. The course teaches you clinically-proven relaxation techniques and coping skills to combat the adverse, compounding effect of daily stressors.

Resilient Warrior is a free virtual program offered to military and veterans. Military spouses and caregivers can join the Resilient Family program as well to learn alongside their warrior and promote resiliency in their relationship and home.

Since August 2019, 48 veterans who attended Warrior Week at Camp Southern Ground registered for HOPE’s Resilient Warrior program. So far,17 veterans have graduated, and the rest will be completing the program in one of the eight upcoming Resilient Warrior cohorts in 2020.

HOPE’s Resilient Warrior participant, Dennis V, shares,

As a retired military officer, camaraderie and a sense of connection and purpose are an essential part of my identity.  As I transitioned from military service, some of that identity was lost due to the realities of post-military life. Camp Southern Ground and the Warrior Week Program provided a platform to interact with and invest in other like-minded individuals who are committed to being better versions of themselves as well as provided some of the camaraderie, connection, and purpose I had been searching for. The Warrior Week Program and their partnership with Hope For The Warriors’ Resilient Warrior program has been a game changer for me because the program gave me the opportunity to reflect, gain clarity of purpose, and build a personal resilience tool kit to focus my efforts and energy on self-renewal and regeneration. The result has been a renewed sense of spirit, drive, and intentionality to not only better myself but to take advantage of the opportunity to provide perspective and insight to empower my fellow Warrior Week brothers and sisters to get to where they want to go in life.


Jordan Huffman Meet The Author: Jordan Huffman
Since 2012, Jordan Huffman has served in various roles at Hope For The Warriors, currently she is the Director of Strategic Alliances. Jordan grew up in Indiana where she graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science. Jordan has been a proud Marine Corps spouse for 12 years and feels honored to have the opportunity to serve the community she loves so much through her role at HOPE. Currently, Jordan is back living in Indiana raising her two wild preschoolers, logging miles training for her 6th Marine Corps Marathon and anxiously awaiting her husband’s return from overseas!