By: Matt Baffoe 
Earlier in the year, PACT started to turn its focus from
strictly career and education to a holistic view of transition and how it
affects the service member, their families, and the families of the fallen.
Leaving the service is often hard for the service member because many of them
were young when they entered, and this is the only career they have known.
Others have families, monetary issues, relationship issues, psychological and
physical injuries, and a myriad of other issues that complicate the transition
process. As you can imagine, helping service member’s transition is a tall
order, and our research is turning over key issues that will assist us in
developing a plan that can effectively support the service member as they
identify major roadblocks, concentrate on important impediments, and navigate
their way along the road to a happy civilian life. We have not only learned that
they need to create a plan, but the military is not effectively addressing the
problem through the TAPS program.
The first step in addressing the service member’s needs is
creating an effective line of communication between Hope For The Warriors® and
the individual service members. In late May, we created the PACT Facebook page to reach out to transitioning vets, post job listings, post
articles, and encourage peer to peer communication. So far the page has been a
success. The page has grown in size and continues to grow weekly. Members of
the Hope For The Warriors® have posted wonderful content on a daily and weekly
basis. Because of a conflict with the Mission Transition name and another
service organization, we decided to change the name to PACT: Power, Action,
Community, and Transition. The new name reflects the commitment we have with
the service members, their families, the community, and our partners and
sponsors. It intones a long lasting commitment to the community of service members
transitioning into civilian life. PACT will be part of the CT&E branding
for the future of the pillar.

CT&E is proud to present the PACT business boot camp, a one day, intense course to help
veterans develop and cultivate ideas for business creation. The seminar will
concentrate on business organization and allow attendees to pitch ideas to the
sponsoring team. Similar transition events are in the works for the

To join the PACT Facebook group and stay up to date on job postings around the United States as well as transition resources, please click here and request to join. 

If you are a service member, veteran, or family members seeking one-on-one transition services please apply for services!