Hope For The Warriors highlights John and Carolee Keener as our November Volunteers of the Month!

The Keeners joined our HOPE family more than 5 years ago and since have been committed to bringing awareness to the challenges of veterans and military families. They host an annual dinner in North Carolina’s Grandfather Mountain Community, with the goal of uniting the local community and veteran community in celebration of our nation’s warriors and to raise funds for HOPE programs.

As a military family, the Keeners understand the ever-changing needs of the military community and are always eager to help our organization support gaps in care and services. This year, at the 5th annual dinner, they pledged to raise funds and awareness for Drive For Hope, one of HOPE’s newest programs formed in partnership with the Driver Rehabilitation Center of Excellence. Drive For Hope restores independence in the lives of wounded veterans by making adaptation to vehicles and assisting them in learning to drive post-injury.

“John and Carolee Keener are doers,” said HOPE Vice President of Wellbeing Oren Ganz. “They see a need, seek to understand it fully, then do something about it.

“They understand how something as seemingly simple as driving has a huge impact on a person’s independence. They also see how it affects the entire family when Mom or Dad can’t get to work, take part in carpool or run errands.

“The Keeners don’t just write a check; they want their friends and social network to understand and motivate them to pull together in greater support to yield greater positive impact.”

Thank you, Keener Family, for your dedication to honoring the warrior community through HOPE!