Improve Your Overall FitnessThe National Center for Health reported that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise, leaving a majority unhealthy and unhappy.

By committing 150 minutes per week or 21 minutes a day to exercise one can reduce depression by 30%, promote improved sleep, happiness, self-esteem and reduce stress. Yet, the average American spends 144 minutes a day on social media.

Does that motivate you to stop your scroll and go for a 15-minute stroll? We hope so but keep reading before you do! ????

Whether you are a veteran, military family member or community member looking to jump back into fitness or take your fitness to the next level, HOPE’s Sports & Recreation programs are here to help!

Challenge yourself with Team Hope For The Warriors
Team Hope For The Warriors® provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to engage their competitive spirit at endurance events. Warrior Team members are provided with adaptive equipment and race support to ensure that they are defined by their achievements rather than their injuries. Community Team members challenge themselves to raise funds for America’s heroes, set new athletic goals or simply support our military. These teams are united by the common goal to improve the rehabilitation of wounded service members and military families.

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Need accountability? Log your miles and virtually run with fellow Team Hope For The Warriors members using  STRAVA!

Run For The Warriors® is a series of community-based races dedicated to the men and women injured post-9/11, their families and families of the Fallen. It is a celebration of their strength and resolve and a promise to continue restoring their sense of self, family and hope.

What are you waiting for? Race on over to to start crushing your fitness goals! We have an outstanding team of experienced fitness enthusiast eager to help you!

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