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I made it into the NYC marathon by lottery so my husband, Ed, also an avid distance runner, wanted to find a charity he could support in order to run in the marathon as well. After a few suggested charities he chose Hope For The Warriors because, in his own words, it was a charity close to his heart. Our son Cpt. Edward Guelfi was deployed to Afghanistan at the time and our son-in-law, Staff Sgt. Jim Broglie, was deployed to Kuwait. Our daughter, Sgt. Jillian Smith, is also active military and was deployed in April 2014. So, for us finding a charity that supports our military families felt like a perfect fit. From our first interaction with the Team in Manhattan, we were welcomed and embraced with support. After running the marathon we knew we found a charitable organization that we could support whole-heartedly. Both of us are extremely active and race as often as we can find the time. Now linking up with Hope For The Warriors and raising awareness and funds for this charity has given new meaning to all of our races.

—Michele Guelfi