Programs for Veterans, Service Members and Military Families Fueled by Donation

(left to right) Mike Pylypciw (Luke’s father), Trevor Heath (Young Aviators, Inc-founder a sponsor of the trip), Luke Pylypciw (pilot), Jordan Mahoney (safety pilot) and Erin Thompson (Hope For The Warriors) in Richmond, Va., on a stop of Pylypciw’s east coast multi-day flight.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (April 28, 2022) – Luke Pylypciw, a 17-year-old pilot recently completed a 2,000-mile journey down and back up the east coast in a 1977 Mooney M20J, all while raising money for the nonprofit Hope For The Warriors.

Leaving from Binghamton, New York, and flying back from Melbourne, Florida, a four-day journey, the New York high school student raised $12,500 during his spring break for the national organization through his fundraiser, Loop For The Troops.

Celebrating 15 years of service, Hope For The Warriors assists veterans, service members and military families with a variety of programming including health and wellness, sports and recreation and transition services.

Pylypciw started flying when he was 15 and after a year of training completed his first solo flight at 16. At 17 he earned his private pilot’s license and hopes to attend Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, to study aviation management with flight after high school.

“Finding my passion has given me so much opportunity in my personal life that I wanted to do something special to benefit a deserving group of veterans and inspire other teenagers to realize that change starts with them.,” said Pylypciw. “This trip was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but I want the attention to stay on the brave men and women that have fought for our freedom as they often don’t get as much attention as they deserve.”

“It’s always impressive when young people get involved with supporting military families but it’s extra special when they come up with such a unique way to provide that support,” said Robin Kelleher, co-founder and president for Hope For The Warriors. “We’re grateful for Luke giving up his spring break to support the military families that Hope For The Warriors serves.”

For more information on Hope For The Warriors, visit hopeforthewarriors.orgFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

About Hope For The Warriors:

Founded in 2006, Hope For The Warriors is a national nonprofit dedicated to restoring a sense of self, family and hope for post-9/11 veterans, service members and military families. Since its inception, Hope For The Warriors has served over 40,000 through a variety of support programs focused on health and wellness, sports and recreation and transition. One of the nonprofit’s first programs, Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships, has awarded 183 scholarships to caregivers and families of the fallen. For more information, visit hopeforthewarriors.orgFacebookTwitter or Instagram.