On May 18 will be the annual Run For The Warriors® race in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Since the first race in 2006, the Run For The Warriors® has expanded across the country. The race course varies by location–distance, terrain, difficulty and more.

Probably the most unique is the Big Apple Run For The Warriors®.  The Big Apple race boasts sights and sounds that no other Run For The Warriors® race can share–landmarks known throughout the world, all in sight along the route.

The route itself varies a little each year.  This year, the race is 2.5 miles–a perfect course for speed.  There is also a children’s 5-Yard dash at no cost.  (It’s never too early to instill a love of running in our youth!)

So what will you see along the way?  Well, here are some of the sights:

And these are just some of the sights that you will see in a short 2.5-mile course. 

Of course, just like all Run For The Warriors® programs, we will begin with a ceremony, honoring wounded service members and the fallen.  Gold Star families will attend to honor their loved ones who died while serving our country. 

This year’s Big Apple Run For The Warriors® is being held in conjunction with Army Week NYC

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