Hope For The Warriors® was founded in 2006 by a group of
military wives.  These women witnessed
firsthand the impact of the wars on service members and their families.  Our “vintage” logo represented the wounded
service member and our desire to support that warrior.

From day one, our organization has also addressed the needs of
the entire family.  Family includes not
only spouses and children but also parents and siblings.   That
is the first reason that we are excited to reveal our new logo. 

Our organization, staff and programs remain dedicated to
each service member and family member that we assist.   Our new logo does not change who we are,
rather, it better reflects our commitment to the entire family, restoring their
sense of self, restoring the family unit and restoring hope.   

Hope For The Warriors® also recognizes that regardless of
when the war ends, our combat veterans will continue to need our support.  Many of our wounded were never carried off of
the battlefield.  They completed their
deployment and came home.  Their wounds
were not noticed until they attempted to transition back into a civilian
community.  Our new logo better reflects
the span of wounds—both visible and hidden.

We will also roll out a new website as we approach
summer.  Be sure to visit www.hopeforthewarriors.org for a
new look and an improved layout, making it easier to navigate programs and

We hope that you share our excitement as we continue to meet
the shifting challenges of our military families.  We are proud of the work that has been
accomplished in the last six years and we are ready to meet new challenges head