It’s no surprise that studies show that military children often find it difficult to connect with people or places in their new community.  


Let’s talk about our nation’s military children.  

On average, military families move every 2-3 years. This means they will experience attending roughly 6 to 9 schools between K-12.  

Over 2 million military children have had their parents serve in Afghanistan or Iraq, many of which had a parent deploy more than once. Approximately 36,000 have had both of their parents deploy at the same time.  

Of the more than 2 million military children that have had parents serve since 9/11, over 52,000 have had parents sustain injuries from war and more than 320,000 suffer from invisible wounds of war. Sadly, more than 16,000 have experienced the death of their service member.  

From a young age, our military children are forced to take on big emotions and handle situations that adults even struggle to navigate.  

Hope For The Warriors and New Balance recognize that through sports and recreational activities, military children can gain meaningful friendships in their new home and they can provide a necessary outlet for expression and decompression.  

From this realization, we have teamed up to offer the New Balance Military Youth Athletic Scholarships. 

As we continue to navigate the effects of the global pandemic, it is now — even more than before — that our military children need to be engaged in their favorite activities and their families need the extra financial support. In 2021, New Balance pledged $35,000 in financial support to get our military kids back on the field, in camps, in studios, and more. Learn more about this opportunity by clicking here. 

What kind of impact do these New Balance Military Youth Athletic Scholarships have on military families?

Read for yourself by clicking the pictures of these two fantastic athletes!  


Meet Gabrielle Hieber, Age 12

Meet Clara Taft, Age 16